How-To: Tweak Combat Arms for Speed

Combat Arms LogoThis is a simple little guide on how to tweak combat arms to (a) load faster and (b) exit faster. This is very simple and all you have to do is cut and paste some files. So lets begin!

The latest version of combat arms (Ver_US_0.5.2499), they added 2 intro videos to the start up. That takes time. The 1st movie you can escape from by pressing Esc, but the next video you can’t. This simple file tweak will also remove that annoying ending banner that pops up when you exit the game.

Locate you combat arms folder on your hard drive. Default location is C:\Nexon\Combat Arms. Find “EndingBanner.exe” and rename it or simply delete it from your pc. I usually put the files in a zip file, but thats just me. Next, you want to go in the Game > MOVIES folder. You can either rename everything inside or delete them all. The files inside of my folder were “nalogo.bik, nelogo.bik, calogo.bik“. Bik files are a type of video format similar to divx. This format is widely used in video games because of its ties with DirectX, aka ready to use in just about any game.

After you do those 2 easy file deletes or renames, you should have made loading and unloading combat arms much easier for yourself. Enjoy!


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  1. Very good work on this website. Loving it hah.

    Favorited! q:

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